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Open Future is looking for two fellows who will contribute to our work on advancing digital public space and designing the future of open. We welcome applications from researchers and practitioners at any stage of their careers who want to collaborate with us as thought partners and bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. The following are some of the questions that are guiding our work right now:

  1. How can the EU contribute to building digital public space in Europe and how can we get investment in digital public spaces on the European Commission’s agenda?
  2. What are the values, principles, and rules that ought to govern the digital public space? What role does open-source software play? How does interoperability contribute to the creation of digital public space?
  3. How should the open movement’s methods, narratives, and strategies be updated in view of the current challenges to the open internet?
  4. What are the new and emerging fields of open? What distinguishes them from existing fields is how they understand and apply openness.



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