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Do you have a passion for Open Science? Are you that ambitious connector and director and do you want to actively contribute to Open Science so that FAIR / open research data really become the norm in the coming years? Then this vacancy at NWO is for you. Apply and become part of our team!

Minister Dijkgraaf recently announced extra investments so that Open Science really becomes the standard in scientific research in the coming years. NWO has been asked to coordinate this by setting up a temporary Open Science directing body, following the example of other directing bodies at NWO, such as SIA and NRO. A budget of € 20 million per year is available for this for the next 10 years. The coordinating body will work closely with universities, medical centres, universities of applied sciences and service organizations such as SURF, DANS, 4TUdata and the university libraries.

Although much has happened in recent years to implement open / FAIR sharing of data, there are still major challenges. These are largely cultural in nature: the awareness and adoption by researchers of FAIR practices through training and information and the great need to support this through well-trained data stewards. There are also major technical challenges in making research data interoperable and reusable. Involvement of science is essential in this, as is the connection with international developments, including the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). As a FAIR / Open data program leader, you have an important role in driving these developments. You have an overview of the complex Dutch data landscape and a vision of how it should develop. You know how to connect and inspire organizations. In addition, you have an eye for the different data cultures between disciplines and you are demonstrably capable of working with respect for those differences on the development of policies, tools and practices to promote open and FAIR research data in the Netherlands.


In practice it means that you:

  • are responsible for the development of an open / FAIR research data program line along the lines of the ambitions formulated in the NPOS;
  • together with your colleagues, translate these ambitions into funding instruments and organize them in such a way that applicants (institutions and researchers) are challenged to make innovative proposals;
  • acts as the community manager of the Dutch Open / FAIR data community, contributes to activities to connect parties and stimulate collaboration, eg by organizing meetings or workshops;
  • closely monitors developments in the field of Open / FAIR data, identifies new developments and places them on the agenda;
  • act as secretary in the project proposal review process;
  • are responsible for the further development, implementation and evaluation of NWO's FAIR data policy in line with NWO's strategic principles, and ensure coordination within NWO and with external parties;
  • builds and maintains the international network with organizations in this field, including fellow funding councils , the European Commission and relevant infrastructures in this field.

You bring this


  • demonstrable experience and affinity with the broader Open Science agenda and a real drive to make Open Science the norm;
  • several years of work experience in the specific field of Open / FAIR data, for example at one of the Dutch service providers in this field;
  • a convincing vision of the future of the FAIR data landscape in the Netherlands and beyond;
  • a relevant national and international network and good reputation in the FAIR data community;
  • excellently capable of inspiring, connecting and enthusing that community;
  • attention to and insight into (in)formal relationships, positions and interests within and outside NWO and the capacity to respond adequately to these;
  • an independent work attitude in which you also function well in a team, with a sense of proportion;
  • good communication skills, both orally and in writing in Dutch and English;
  • experience in maintaining contacts and cooperation in science and with representative national organizations such as UNL, NFU, SURF, KNAW. 
  • knowledge of grant processes at NWO or other financiers or the willingness to develop them;
  • a completed academic education. 

You recognize yourself in the core values ​​of NWO: involved, reliable, connecting and groundbreaking. 

This is where you come to work

The Open Science governing body is in the starting blocks and currently consists of a quartermaster/director and 2 policy officers. In the coming year, this team will further expand to a team of a maximum of 10 employees (program leaders, program employees and support staff)


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