DIAMAS Project: OA Diamond and Institutional publishing landscape survey of Institutional Publishing Services Providers (IPSPs)

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DIAMAS is a new EU-funded project which aims to support Open Access Diamond and institutional publishing by setting new standards, increasing visibility, and promoting the sustainability of a diverse publishing landscape. The project is issuing this survey as a starting point to understand the landscape of institutional publishing in Europe. With this survey, we hope to map how this sector of scholarly communication is currently organised in order to understand existing challenges and begin to develop resources, tools,  policies and strategies which support the relevant stakeholders.  By “OA Diamond and institutional publishing”, we understand publishing by an institution, unit, or person that is part of an institution. An ‘institution’ is defined in the DIAMAS context as an academic organisation or unit whose main mission and scope is to perform, fund, or promote the practice of research and scholarship. Special attention will be paid to publishing initiatives that do not charge fees for publication to either authors or readers (OA Diamond) The information we collect will be used to develop a range of outputs and tools which will offer practical help to institutional publishers. Through the landscape mapping conducted in this survey, DIAMAS will create a registry of “institutional publishing service providers”, building a community ready to share knowledge and collaborate. A series of best practices, policy recommendations, and guidelines will be created to help strengthen the community  and set evidence-based quality standards.  The work of the project will culminate in an online portal which can be used by the community to retrieve information and guidance. In order to effectively do this, your input is essential. Respondents have until 30 April to complete the survey.  Who should complete the survey? In short, Institutional Publishing Services Providers (IPSPs) from the European Research Area, including third countries associated and to be associated with Horizon Europe. By IPSP, we understand an entity that provides or coordinates a set of services for institutional academic publishing to the academic community. These services may be provided by the institutional publisher itself (in which case the institution publisher is also the IPSP) or by other entities inside or outside the institution. Within each IPSP, persons with a good overview of publishing activities, including the provision and organisation of related services, should complete the survey. Answers can be saved and returned to at a  later stage if respondents must consult others to collect accurate information. We ask for one completed survey per organisation.



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