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The dominant system of bibliometric evaluation of scientific publications has distorted the original aims of scientific publication, orienting them towards the interest of publishers. But there are alternatives and Italy must act urgently, changing the law on copyright.

In Italy there is still no organic policy to promote Open Access and Open Science. For this reason, open access to scientific literature risks being increasingly identified with the new business model promoted by major commercial publishers, i.e. with fee-based Open Access. Examples of these new business models include transformative agreements or contractsbetween major publishers and university consortia.

There are alternatives: the republication in open access (Green Road) of what has already been published in closed access and the non-commercial publication in Open Access, i.e. in non-profit publishing venues (journals, series of books) and platforms managed by scientific institutions or universities.

However, in order to support Green Road, a modification of the copyright law is necessary and urgent: the inclusion of a moral right of republication in open access.






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