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CrimRxiv accounces its membership program for institutions, the CrimRxiv Consortium. It is a network of leaders, providers, and supporters of open criminology. CrimRxiv is housed at the University of Manchester's Department of Criminology, with support from the Library's Office for Open Research. CrimRxiv has always received generous support from its platform provider, Knowledge Futures. They are administiring the CrimRxiv membership program. The announcement is an AI-generated video created with Synthesia. In a few days, there will be a follow-up announcement to share the identifies of the Founding Members. Because you're the type of person who follows the OATP Primary Feed, here's a special prereveal of the participating criminology groups:

  1. University of Manchester, Department of Criminology
  2. Georgia State University, Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group
  3. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Research & Evaluation Center
  4. Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security & Law
  5. Northeastern University, Center on Crime, Race, & Justice
  6. Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology
  7. Temple University, Department of Criminal Justice
  8. UCL, Bentham Project
  9. Universite of Montreal, Ecole de Criminologie
  10. University of Cambridge, Prisons Research Centre
  11. University of Georgia, Department of Sociology
  12. University of Missouri St. Louis, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ)
  13. University of Nebraska Omaha, School of CCJ
  14. University of Texas at Dallas, CCJ Program
  15. University of Waikato, Te Puna Haumaru New Zealand Institute for Security & Crime Science)

To learn more or discuss opportunities, email CrimRxiv’s Founder and Associate Director for Sustainability, Scott Jacques. To connect with Members, email the Consortium’s account. Follow them on Twitter @CrimConsortium.


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