CrimRxiv Consortium on X: "We're thrilled to officially launch the @CrimConsortium. It's an institutional network of open criminology's leaders, providers, and supporters. Collaboratively, they'll advance open criminology for the greatest good 🧡📈" / X

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CrimRxiv, criminology’s global open access (OA) hub and repository, has announced the CrimRxiv Consortium: an international, institutional network to advance open criminology for impact and social justice. The Consortium launched with seventeen Founding Members from Canada, England, Germany, New Zealand, and United States. The Consortium is led by the University of Manchester (UoM) and Knowledge Futures (KF), maker of CrimRxiv’s open-source publishing platform, PubPub

See the tagged tweet for an AI-generated video announcement. 

For written details, see this press release:


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