To Build A.I. Technology, Start-Ups Turn to Bigger Rivals for Help - The New York Times, July 5, 2023

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"...The tech giants are in a strong position because they have the vast resources needed to push these systems further than anyone else. Google also holds a patent on the Transformer, the foundational technology behind the A.I. systems that Cohere and many other companies are building.

But there is a wild card: Open source software. Meta, another giant with the computing power needed to build the next wave of A.I., recently open sourced its latest large language model, meaning anyone can reuse it and build on top of it. Many in the field believe this kind of freely available software will allow anyone to compete. “Having the collective minds of every researchers on Earth would beat any company,” said Amr Awadallah, chief executive of the A.I. start-up Vectara and a former Google executive. But they’ll still need to pay for access to a much larger competitor’s data centers."


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