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"This is a tool to help you build attributions. Click the About box to learn more. As you fill out the form, the app automatically generates the attribution for you...."

"About Open Attribution Builder

This application is: to help you easily cite open material you find; as you fill out the form the application will automatically generate the attribution for you; to cite only openly distributed work, such as work licensed by Creative Commons or released in the public domain; to provide a default attribution statement. You’re welcome to modify the citation to make it more suitable to your needs.

This application is NOT: to mark your own work with a Creative Commons license or to place your work in the public domain. To do so, please use the license chooser (for the CC licensed work) or CC0 Waiver (for the public domain work) provided by Creative Commons; applicable for all types of materials; this application is only for openly released work

This application lets you enter information for title, author, license, organization, and project. You are not required to enter all information to have a citation generated. Click the ? icons to learn more about each area...."



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