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"...What we are working on: We shared our plans for the Catalog of Open Infrastructure Services (COIs)! We invite all open infrastructure service providers to express your interest to be included in the next release of COIs, to help further iterate on our current prototype and build towards a more streamlined, robust backend while also increasing the number of projects represented. Read our blog post to find out more. As part of this work, we organized two Q&A sessions where we discussed and addressed questions from the community. You can find the recordings, slides, and shared notes on our blog. In parallel, we are planning some additional testing with stakeholders to further inform the design of the next release of COIs and to better understand its value proposition and utility. We are planning a short virtual team retreat at the beginning of June to reflect on our work so far and refine our roadmap for the next half a year. To further anchor our research and engagement strategies, we are constructing persona profiles of our key stakeholders and audience, based on our experience and quantitative data that we have from our communication channels. We welcome Ravin Cline to the team! Ravin is a PhD student in Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Texas, Dallas, as well as the founder and Executive Director of a US-based nonprofit focused on helping immigrants find self-sufficiency and significance through education and counsel. Ravin will be expanding our understanding of governance with a review of the current literature on nonprofit governance to advance our advocacy for more and better community-focused governance of open infrastructure services...."



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