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Google translate: "Open Access Berlin Conference / Berlin Open Access Conference / open access A conference initiated by the Max Planck Society in Germany to promote open access to academic information.

Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities / open access In the spirit of the Budapest Open Access Publishing Pilot Program, the European Heritage Online (ECHO) Charter and the Bestar Open Access Publishing Manifesto, a manifesto adopted by the Max Planck Society of Germany to provide various services to users using the Internet.

The Directory of Open Access Repositories / open access In 2005, the authoritative directory of open access repositories worldwide, co-founded by the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and the Rand University in Sweden.

Bethesda statement on open access publishing / open access In order to quickly and effectively adopt the open access publishing model, on April 11, 2003, 24 people of insight reached a collective consensus at the Howard Hughes Medical Center in Maryland, USA.

Budapest open access initiative / Budapest open access initiative / open access A document signed by relevant international institutions on promoting open access to academic journal resources.

open access / open access / open access Actions taken by the international academic community, publishing community, and library and information community to promote the open dissemination of scientific research results on the Internet...."


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