A Community Response to the UNESCO global call for best practices in investing in open science infrastructures | 15 July 2022 | Invest in Open Infrastructure

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"Further to the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science in November 2021, UNESCO launched a Global Call for Best Practices in Open Science. This call aims to collect best practices in open science at the individual, institutional, national, regional, and international levels with a particular focus on the seven priority areas of action highlighted in the Recommendation. One of these areas particularly relevant for Invest in Open Infrastructure’s (IOI) work is “investing in open science infrastructures”. In June, we collaborated with the Turing Way, the Tools, Practices & Systems (TPS) Programme at the Alan Turing Institute, and Open Life Science to host a series of community workshops to gather input for a community response to this Global Call. During the workshop, we used the 1-2-4-all format from Liberating Structures to guide participants in reflecting on their experiences, sharing them with others, and identifying best practices for supporting, adopting, using, and contributing to open infrastructure. The key points and notes from the workshop were used to produce the community response we submitted to the UNESCO call...."



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