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Google translate: "Open Access, in Czech Open access is a model of scientific communication , the aim of which is to ensure permanent, free and immediate access to the results of science and research via the Internet . This is a specific type of access to scientific information . The term Open Access can also be understood as a movement of the scientific community that tries to promote this model. Open access publications can be distributed and used in science, teaching and related fields. [1] Open access refers to those scientific outputs that scientists (authors) otherwise normally provide to publishers for publication free of charge , without entitlement to a fee. It can be applied to all forms of published research output (peer-reviewed academic journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, theses, monographs and their chapters). First of all, it includes peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and their manuscript authored versions, preprints or postprints , as well as conference contributions, monographs and data sets of various types. [2] The goal of the OA ideology is not only to make content available for free, but to find ways to make scientific outputs accessible to readers without unnecessary barriers with the greatest possible impact , thus accelerating the scientific cycle and the pace of discoveries. [3]..."



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