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"...We hosted a community discussion on assessing the financial health of nonprofits in research and scholarship. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined the discussion and provided input, feedback, and questions – these are crucial to improving this analysis such that it can better tell the financial story across the sector. You can find a recap of the session, the recording, and shared notes on our blog. We announced our upcoming Community Discussion. On 7 September, at 3pm EDT, join McKenzie Funk and Sarah Lamdan to discuss the data brokering and surveillance activities of data analytics companies, the impact this has on marginalized communities, and what we can do to act against these activities and build better digital infrastructure. Register to join by 30 August! We are hiring! Our research data analyst opening will close on 15 August. We are also recruiting a part-time, contract Communications Associate to join us. Find out more about both positions on this page. We are conducting interviews and additional research to better understand and identify the value proposition of the Catalog of Open Infrastructure Services (COIs) with funders and budget holders. We hope to share the findings from these conversations later in October! We have started populating our new community collection in Zenodo with some of our recent research outputs, including resources from the Future of Open Scholarship project, as well as the work of our Research Fellows. Watch this space for more to come!..."



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