Open Infrastructure Fund: Questions to consider for a good application | Invest in Open Infrastructure, 4 July 2023

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"We are excited to hear that you plan to apply to the Open Infrastructure Fund! Below, we provide some guiding questions to help you think through and prepare for an application.   What is the problem/need that the proposed work addresses? A main goal of the Open Infrastructure Fund is to address real needs in the community. In the proposal, please share your understanding of the needs of your community or the issue at hand - who is affected, what caused the issue, what is the evidence for the need, and what is the impact of not addressing it? How does the proposal align with the goals of the Fund? At IOI, we believe that in order for access and participation in research and scholarship to be equitable and inclusive, the tools that underpin them should be similarly designed. Therefore, in your application, please tell us how your proposed work will strengthen the resilience and sustainability of open infrastructure(s) and how this work would further equity in research. Consider the groups that being excluded or marginalized by the the ways that research and scholarly communication infrastructures are currently developed, maintained, implemented, or governed. Show how your proposal would seek to meaningfully and concretely advance their access and participation in research and scholarship. How is the proposed work open? Illustrate how your plan to build your project with a community of users, supporters, collaborators, and others impacted by the work...."


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