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"Open Source Software (OSS) is today recognized as a pivotal building block in our common digital infrastructure. A vast majority of today’s software contains OSS, and the dependency on it in companies’ codebases has grown considerably in recent years. Within public sector organizations, however, the adoption of OSS has thus far been rather limited in comparison, yet is on the rise. A number of factors are driving public sector demand for OSS. Recent studies show that OSS adoption can bring a multitude of positive effects including economic growth, innovation, and competition. OSS has also been shown to bring benefits that are particularly salient in the public sector context, among them improved interoperability, transparency, and digital sovereignty."


"With this special issue, we want to focus on how public sector organizations can adopt, develop, and collaborate on OSS, explore the conditions for success, and consider how software engineering practices may need to be adapted to the public context."


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