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[From Google's English] "During these days the thousands of researchers from around the world at ESOF 2014 conference in Carlsberg City in Copenhagen. The conference program will find, among other things, a few events that enable the researcher to debate. The question is: What is the responsibility of individual researchers to ensure maximum sharing and dissemination of its research publications? ... The Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic governmental co-operation that raises the debate.It's about free sharing, open access , research to the individual researcher's account of his own career. As a publisher of research-based publications and funding provider to research supports Nordic Council of Ministers principle of Open Access as the best way to spread knowledge. Recently, the Council of Ministers therefore an Open Access policy, which means that all Ministerial Council publications can be downloaded free of charge under a Creative Commons license which allows for creative reuse of publications. For information should then be used and reused as much as possible! ..."



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