You Say You Want a Revolution? - Open Access on the March 2013-03-16


Use the link to access the full text article from the magazine Online Searcher: Information Discovery, Technology, Strategies.  The article opens as follows: "During 2012, the landscape surrounding open access (OA) began to radically shift. What started out a decade ago as a small group of scientists and librarians advocating change in scholarfly communication has grown into a much bigger global discourse. Open access discussions now bring together large and influential groups of major research funders, national governments, the United Nations, publishers, academics from all disciplines, and, notably, librarians. Open access has become a movement, linked to the broader "open knowledge" philosophy that emphasizes maximizing the potential use and reuse of knowledge by making it freely and openly available via the internet. Of the many groups involved in promoting open access, the library community plays a crucial role in implementation. Information professionals need to be aware of the issues surrounding open access and the broader scholarly communication ecosystem ..."


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