Open Access, Dr Mike Taylor 2012-04-27


Use the link above to access the podcast posted by the Paediatric Surgery International Online Network. A brief introduction to the podcast reads as follows: “Open Access describes the practice of providing unrestricted access to academic and peer-reviewed content in scholarly journals. The Open Access Movement is growing in prominence and confidence. The ongoing  Cost of Knowledge campaign  has seen over eight thousand researchers taking a stand against restrictive and expensive publishing models.  Mounting pressure has led to journal publishers Elselvier withdrawing their support for the controversial Research Works Act (H.R.3699).  In this podcast, we speak with Dr Mike Taylor. Dr Taylor is a palaeontologist and open access champion. We discuss key issues driving the open access movement e.g. increasing access to work, measuring impact and copyright.” The post also includes links to additional readings on open access written by Dr. Taylor.



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