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"Gold Open Access is growing rapidly. In 2012 published researchers at the University of Copenhagen articles in Open Access journals for more than 2,800,000 pounds. In 2011, 8.5% of the scientific articles published by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, published in Open Access journals. The trend is clearly increasing.   Open Access policies from the Danish Research Council, the EU and several Danish universities support the green open access (parallel publication), but how does the development out there? Have policies no bearing on how much Danish research is published as Open Access? How can we measure this?  Internationally, studies (Björk, Laakso, Solomon and others) have shown that the proportion of green OA is relatively stable while the golden Open Access is growing rapidly. The questions about the policies that support green OA works. It also points to universities, research councils and libraries should highlight the national development by monitors Open Access, to better decisions and thus control the development in the desired direction.   With this symposium we want to invite stakeholders from universities, research councils, government departments, publishers and libraries to participate in the discussion of: What we need to measure? How we should measure? Why we should measure?  To stimulate debate, we have invited David Solomon from Michigan State University, along with Bo-Christer Björk is internationally recognized for their articles which they have studied the development of Open Access in different forms.   Tomas Lundén, Gothenburg University and Peter Sjögårde, KTH will present preliminary results from a Swedish project to map the pen Access in 2011.   Sign up here:  http://webpay.sdu.dk/system/access13  The symposium will be held on Friday 31 May 2013 at the University Campus City, Baltic Farimagsgade 5, room 2.0.63 http://samf.ku.dk/kontakt/findvej/"



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