Podcast with Nick Shockey: Open Access and Psychology Students

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Use the link above to aceess the Podcast described as follows: “Nick Shockey, the Director of the Right to Research Coalition which EFPSA joined in 2011, hosted a workshop for psychology students attending the annual [European Federation of Psychology Studesnts’ Associations] EFPSA Congress in Denmark last week. The workshop was attended by over 30 congress participants including the newly elected EFPSA President, Dalya Samur. It covered topics ranging from what Open Access is to how students can get involved in advocating Open Access at their universities and national and international organizations. Since the workshop provoked great interest among the participants of the congress, we decided to make an interview* with Nick on the topic of open access journals and advocacy of open access, and what does all that mean to psychology students.” [“The Right to Research Coalition was founded by students in the summer of 2009 to promote an open scholarly publishing system based on the belief that no student should be denied access to the articles they need because their institution cannot afford the often high cost of access.  Since its launch, the Coalition has grown to represent nearly 7 million students internationally and counts among its members the largest student organizations in both the United States and Canada.  While the Coalition currently has a strong base in North America, it is by no means solely a North American organization and is expanding to incorporate student organizations from around the world...” “EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Student’s Association, is established in 1987 with the first International Congress of Psychology Students in Portugal and now consists of 28 psychology students’ organisations of 28 European countries. Stimulated by its mission, vision and values, EFPSA attracts more and more students every year, with the number of its members increasing and so far represents approximately 300.000 psychology students across Europe... Our mission is to represent the needs and interests of psychology students of Europe. We are dedicated in promoting scientific cooperation, cultural exchange between psychology students which will enhance their mobility...” “The JEPS Bulletin is a blog about scientific writing and publishing. We wish to create a unique platform for learning experience, inspiration and acquisition of skills in the technical and challenging art of writing and publishing good scientific articles primarily in the field of psychology. The editors of this blog are psychology students as well as the Editorial Team of the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS).”]




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