OpenStreetMap: The Maps In Your Apps Are About To Get A Lot Better – ReadWrite 2013-05-09


"On Tuesday, OpenStreetMap significantly lowered the barrier to creating fully share-able map data. With the launch of a new editor for the open source mapping platform, its freely available mapping data will be improved upon even faster, leading to more accurate and detailed mapping information in the many apps and services that reply on it. Starting today, anyone who wants to update OpenStreetMap can use iD Editor as one of their tool choices, alongside the existing Potlatch 2 in-browser editor. Both editors are capable tools, but the new iD Editor is much more beginner-friendly. It was always possible to edit OpenStreetMap, but iD Editor's simplicity makes the task simple enough for just about anyone to do it - with very little training. This is big news for certified map-heads like me, but it will important effects even for users of Google Maps and Apple Maps who have never heard of OpenStreetMap. That's because 'the free wiki world map,' as OpenStreetMap describes itself, is relied upon by a wide array of well-known apps and services ..."


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