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“The Mission... Provide a platform to openly publish peer reviewed scholarly research at a price that reflects the dramatic decrease in costs brought about from today's technology. We believe an open model such as this will accelerate the outcome of research for both the individual researcher and the community... The $99 Sustainable Model ... PeerJ is establishing a new sustainability model. Researchers will be able to purchase Lifetime Memberships, starting at just $99, giving them the rights to publish their articles in our peer reviewed journal. All published articles are made freely available to the public. Subscription fees made sense in a pre-Internet world, but now they just slow the progress of science. It's time to change that... Why Open Access Publishing? ... First, the tax payers deserve free access to research they've paid for. "They won't understand it" is not a valid excuse. Neither is calling Open Access an unsustainable model. Second, the research community greatly benefits from unencumbered access to the research. And it helps the individual authors rapidly gain credit and revise their work. PeerJ is striving to make research a living process, not a set in stone PDF. Support the cause and tell a friend... You'll receive early entry and help us gauge overall interest for this new publishing service. Also, you can help us get the word out about the PeerJ launch with the referral program. You'll get a referral link after entering your email.”



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