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"We seem to be faced today with a combination of great challenges and at the same time great opportunities. The challenges of managing environmental degradation and climate change, of improving health while dealing with an ageing population, and of understanding how to maintain a civil society in the face of economic and cultural challenges - of understanding ultimately where we have come from, where we are going to, and what we can, and should do about it - are serious issues. At the same time technology provides new opportunities, better communications, greater understanding, and tantalising glimpses of the potential to understand faster, solve problems more efficiently, and engage a greater part of our human resources in scholarship.   In this webinar Cameron will discuss what we mean by "open" and why this concept is a powerful tool for understanding how to more effectively use the web for research, education, and communication. He will discuss examples of success in applying these ideas in scientific research, the current policy environment and the changes it is undergoing and point to possibilities for the future."



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