Action Plan towards Open Access to Publications 2013-05-31


Use the link to access the full text document opening as follows: "Assuming that providing research results in open access is beneficial to many stakeholders and will lead to better research, this document suggests a number of activities by which participants in the Global Research Council (GRC) can foster the open exchange of research results. After briefly introducing the concept and the benefits of open access, some common principles for transitioning to open access are suggested as a basis for  the action plan. The proposed activities aim at raising awareness for open access, at promoting and supporting 
open access, and at assessing the implementation of the actions suggested. The action plan is designed to 
take into account that participants in the GRC come from various backgrounds, have various degrees of expertise in dealing with open access, and have different remits. Thus, funding agencies need to consider which of the proposed activities are appropriate to be taken up by (possibly consortia of) participants in the GRC."


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