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"It is important that today we utilize all the resources to the maximum, we have access to! Therefore, we need an infrastructure that can help to make it available, for various reasons, can be complicated to access, search forward or present: What lies outside the system found via a traditional search process through the library. In the Danish Research Database brings together Danish universities' research production, which to some extent is parallelpubliceret material in relation to the articles published in scientific journals. Once a user has found an article reference through a library search system, the user is currently only presented to the full-text version, which is published in a journal (a payment resource). There is no clutch to - or presentation - the identical, and the free version that is often available through DDF. This project is a specification project that will develop a requirements specification for the functionality it takes, in order to create the link between libraries search systems and DDF's free available full text material. Requirements Specification may be subsequently presented to the supplier of the DDF, so that the desired functionality can be implemented here, thus providing the necessary infrastructure available to libraries link resolvers. There is created a proof-of-concept on the basis of the above, at the library, currently. can only handle lookup on DOI: and"


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