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[From Googles English]  Use the link to access the full text article from the journal ScieCom Info.  The abstract reads as follows: "The article provides information on open access in Lithuania and presents Philology database, which since 2006 by the European Structural Funds projects supported by the Lithuanian Science Council in collaboration with academic institutions and libraries. The main idea of ​​the creation of the database - not just to accumulate the humanities and social sciences (HSM) works with the subject matter - Lithuanian government, society, culture, Lithuanian nation, language development and present, but also by experts to assess the quality and satisfaction of the requirements of HSM research results availability. It is now estimated 40 thousand. works, of which more than half of the full text is freely available to users. Database registered in the registry of open access repositories ROAR. The database describes not only works, but also contain references. This provides a more precise set of authors and their works, and to calculate the frequency of citation of other citation indicators. The database combines bibliographic and bibliometric data, combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to research evaluation HSM is a unique open access to research Lituanistic source."


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