Bet and won on Open Access: InetBib betting game over | LIBREAS.Library Ideas 2015-02-08


[From Google's English] "After 18 months of waiting for the results of the InetBib wagering game on Open Access and Open Science, which at the 12th InetBib meeting in Berlin carried out was, it now says 'All in,' the future is now. The poker players bet on the various events occur in the future and forecast the development of Open Access and Open Science. Now, back in the future, we have to wait for the invention of the Hoverboards still; the results of the bets and the name of the lucky winners were, however, already been released by an independent jury of experts ..."


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Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) ยป

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02/08/2015, 10:27

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02/08/2015, 05:27