Altmetrics: an alternate perspective on research evaluation | Rasmussen | ScieCom Info 2013-06-24


Use the link to access the full text article published in the journal ScieCom Info.  The abstract reads as follows: "A novel approach to quantitative research assessment has arrived under the name altmetrics, using social media and Internet-based data to evaluate research impact from other angles than traditional evaluative bibliometrics. Especially the potential for evaluating societal impact is different, and may supplement other evaluations. This paper gives an introduction to the new methodology, and presents some of the key tools and data sources. Both existing and potential applications are presented and discussed, and some of the problems of the field are drawn into the discussion, to highlight both the advantages and challenges of altmetrics.   In line with the still fairly limited research on the subject, this paper considers the new field to have potential for evaluating alternative aspects of impact, but as a supplement to, and in no way a replacement for bibliometrics."


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