Malaria article wins Access to Understanding prize 2015-03-30


"The competition, led by the British Library and supported by the open access journals eLife and Europe PMC, aims to promote a wider understanding of biomedical research by challenging early career researchers to summarise selected scientific research in plain English. Entrants must discuss why the research was done, what was done and why this was important to create balanced, understandable summaries of scientific research. This year’s winner is postdoctoral researcher Philippa Matthews for her article ‘Rolling back malaria: A journey through space and time’ about the measurement of the changing pattern of malaria risk in Africa.  The Wellcome Trust-funded paper that Philippa’s article was based on was one of twelve research papers that the entrants could select to write about ..."


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03/30/2015, 19:10

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03/30/2015, 13:58