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Use the link to access the discussion thread.  " ... Odile, yeah, right, academic publishers are complete money making machines! Funny. The open access model sounds great in principle but in practice it's a disaster. You think Google cares that it's destroying newspapers? Peer review, editing, and production takes time and takes money. I love the poster above who says he/she provides a clean LaTeX file as if that is all that it takes to produce a journal. Hell if your work is so awesome then just publish it at SSRN. But if you want to validation that comes with double blind peer review and editing at a top flight journal, it's going to cost money. The top journals in our field review upwards of 1000 articles a year, or 80-100 articles a month, every month. That means 200-300 peer review requests sent out PER JOURNAL, likely over 1000 a month just for APSR JOP and AJPS. You could ramp the desk reject rates way up but who is going to act as the gatekeeper when there is no compensation in the form of course releases or summer money? How many schools are still going to subsidize journal editorship when there is no revenue stream coming from the publishers? Wave your hands all you want screaming open access and information must be free, but the NY Times, the Washington Post, the WSJ, major content is all moving behind paywalls or is subsidized by some sort of advertising. The notion that somehow academic research is going to be immune will involve a major rethinking of the way we do business ..."


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