Cites & Insights -- Crawford at Large -- Making It Easy, Making It Hard: A Personal Note on Counting Articles 2015-05-12


"The primary essay this time around is OA-related and under the INTERSECTIONS flag—so this oddity goes in THE FRONT instead. I’m going to comment on a range of open access journal publishers and platforms from one particular and probably peculiar vantage point: mine, as I’m revisiting some 6,490 journal sites to record the total number of articles published during 2014. It’s clear to me that most journal readers and scholars don’t spend loads of time determining exactly how many articles a journal publishes, and certainly not doing that for thousands of journals, so I don’t fault a publisher or platform for making the process somewhat clumsy. But I can offer kudos to those that make it easy, although that doesn’t necessarily say they’re otherwise good or bad publishers (or platforms). These are mostly notes along the way. I have some thoughts about the 'issue' issue— that is, if an OA journal doesn’t do print versions, why does it have issues below the year level? More particularly, why do some oddball OA journals have a large number of issues, each of which may have only one or two (or sometimes none!) articles? But that’s another, well, issue." 


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