Clinical trial results, whether favourable and unfavourable — 2015-08-28


"Put simply, our goal is to make life better for people around the world. Sharing the results of our clinical trials and ensuring this information is available to the people who need it is part of that goal.  There are important public health benefits to be gained from open access and transparency of clinical trial information. That’s why Lilly is committed to register all our trials and to disclose the results of the company’s clinical trial data.  To benefit patients and healthcare professionals, sharing clinical research, trial outcomes and safety information has to be done with care. This is imperative for any data released to ensure that it is not misinterpreted or misused. Protecting individual patient privacy is a vital component of that. We also need to protect our intellectual property, including commercially confidential information and contract rights, which support our continued innovation.  Here are 7 ways in which we are committed to responsibly disclose our clinical trial data results for the benefit of patients and future research ..."


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