Focus on Open Access - Althing: forskningsformidling 2016-04-08


[From google's English] "Free and free access to scientific articles, Open Access, is the official state policy in a number of countries, including Denmark, where the goal is "to all scientific papers that are quality assured in peer review and recorded in a scientific journal, might be read and distributed without financial, technical or legal restrictions. " However, a new study suggests that there is a long way to Danish research fulfills its objective. Going Denmark miss the innovation as a result of the lack of openness? Is Open Access at the best way to publish research results? What about resistance in the scientific community towards Open Access? The discussion will Althing like to take up: Should government increase control of the researchers? Or destroys Open Access other, more fruitful forms of publication? ..."


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Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) ยป

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04/08/2016, 04:59