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"I was invited by the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences to write a piece on last year’s report 'Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: How to expand access to research publications' by the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings (the 'Finch Report'). The paper is part of a collection on “Debating Open Access“. The Finch Report has been broadly criticized by open access advocates for several reasons, especially its preferring gold to green OA, and doing so to such an extent that its proposals actually incentivize publishers to make their publication agreements less OA-friendly. In fact, there’s evidence that publishers are already acting on those incentives. I took the opportunity to concentrate my remarks on one of the underemphasized problems with the Finch Report recommendations, their conflation of two quite different notions of gold open access: open-access journals and hybrid journals. The two models work quite differently from a market perspective, and ignoring the distinctions leads to incredibly bad incentives in the resulting recommendations. The published version of the paper has been made available by the British Academy under a CC-by-nc-nd license. I’ve duplicated it below, under a CC-by license as with all Occasional Pamphlet postings."



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