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"The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has issued a major policy memorandum that calls on federal science agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop and implement public access plans for making accepted manuscripts and peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and scientific data in digital formats resulting from agency research investments publicly available in a timely fashion ... OSTI has collected, preserved and disseminated scientific and technical information emanating from R&D performed by DOE and its predecessor agencies for nearly 70 years.  Despite the breadth of these collections, they generally do not include what is considered the 'gold standard' of scientific communication – peer-reviewed journal articles or final accepted manuscripts resulting from agency funding, and this gap in what OSTI offers is not unique to DOE.  With the exception of the National Institutes of Health, which has had a legislative public access mandate since 2008, most other federal science agencies do not provide public access to journal articles or manuscripts resulting from their funding.  'This is a huge and momentous opportunity for OSTI,' said OSTI Director Walter L. Warnick.  'At Dr. Brinkman’s request, OSTI has been developing a public access gateway as DOE’s answer to the OSTP directive, and we also look forward to helping draft the DOE public access policy for scientific publications.'  In addition, OSTI has been briefing representatives of the DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) from program and field offices and national laboratories about the OSTP policy and the OSTI gateway.  DOE STIP managers will play a key role in implementing the DOE public access plan and populating the DOE gateway with accepted manuscripts and journal articles once it is deployed ...   National Library of Energy beta: A New Search Engine Facilitating Access to DOE Info ... OSTI has launched the Department of Energy (DOE) National Library of Energy (NLE) beta, a virtual library and open government resource to advance energy literacy, innovation and security. The NLE is a new search tool designed to make it easier for American citizens to find and access information from across the DOE complex nationwide, without knowing DOE’s organizational structure.  The NLE virtually integrates information from Energy.gov (the DOE website) and all DOE program offices, national laboratories and other facilities. The NLE search feature provides one-stop, easy access to information in DOE’s broad mission areas: science and R&D; energy and technology for industry and homeowners; energy market information and analysis; and nuclear security and environmental management.  The NLE search feature is accessible on the OSTI home page and is a 'featured search and developer tool' on the recently published new DOE resource hub for open energy data. A DOE Blog, 'Welcome to Energy.gov/Data,' mentions the NLE.  The NLE concept was highlighted as a DOE transparency initiative in the 2010 and 2012 DOE Open Government Plans. The NLE will make all DOE web content and databases accessible, independent of content management system. The NLE’s resources will be kept current, with each component updated regularly. On a periodic basis, additional databases and searchable website content will be added (read more) ..."



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