NEW: Students Can Open Access MRU e-Books FREE Anytime 2013-07-11


"MRU has become the first university in Lithuania to offer open access to all books published at the MRU Publishing House, at no charge to students or staff. Other interested readers have access to read the books online at no charge. 'All our books are open access,' said MRU Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations Prof. Inga Žalėnienė meaning that students who have limited funds, don't need to buy textbooks, but can access and read them for free via the e-books portal. The University began allowing students to access the e- Books beginning May 15th, 2013. The e-Books can be downloaded and read offline on tablet computers. VIce-Rector Žalėnienė said that other universities in Lithuania do not provide such services and that MRU took the step to allow free access to e-Books. 'We support the open access movement thereby realizing the third function of the University (aside from studies and research) - service to society,' Vice-Rector Žalėnienė noted. 'The University is allowing free access to the public to University e-Books. By offering the free access, we are allowing the public-at-large to become acquainted with research output at MRU,' the Vice-Rector said. Students also have the added convenience of downloading books no matter where they are and reading them at their convenience. This facilitates the studies process and eliminates the need to carry lots of books around. There are now over 100 e-Books available in the Lithuanian language and approximately half a dozen in English. Those figures will grow in time. More information (now only in Lithuanian) is available here:"


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