News Press - Les financeurs de la recherche mondiale se penchent sur l'open access et les questions d'intégrité - ANR - Agence Nationale de la Recherche 2013-07-11


[From Google's English] "The National Research Agency participated in the second meeting of the World Council of Research, Global Research Council (GRC), in Berlin from 27 to 29 May Directors and presidents of 70 funding organizations discussed on this occasion two major topics for research: open access to publications (open access) and scientific integrity (research integrity). The discussions resulted in the approval of an action plan on open access and a high-level declaration on the principles of integrity in research.  The Open Access and research integrity at the heart of concerns  Event jointly organized by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), is the largest summit meeting ever held, representing 80% of the potential public funding Global Research.  The discussions focused primarily on issues of open access to scientific publications, in relation to a major issue of scientific communication for years to come. The approval of a plan of action on open access shows the consensus among the leaders of the world's research on the importance of providing open access to scientific publications. The sharing of research results is indeed a lever to improve significantly the quality of scientific communication.  The paper makes three basic principles: encouragement, education and support for researchers wishing to give free access to their results.  Open access publications (open access) and open scientific data (open data) are major current topics in the world of research. Including the European Commission is developing a pilot project for the implementation of open access research data in 2020.  Participants also discussed the issue of integrity in research (research integrity). The declaration adopted at the end of the meeting emphasized the fundamental notion of responsibility of researchers and their institutions in the conduct of research. Funding agencies should also ensure that well-funded research meets the highest possible standards.  This work was developed within regional meetings RCMP. The NRA actively participates in European working groups on both subjects."


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