Crimea Open Access Manifesto Petition 2012-06-04


Use the link above to access the full text of the petition posted by Tetiana Yaroshenko, Executive Director at the ELibUkr Project and University Librarian, National Univeristy, Kyiv Mohyla Academy.  “We, the participants of the 19 –th International Crimean Conference "Crimea 2012: Libraries and information recourses in modern world of science, culture, education and business ” – the most important world professional event for librarians and publishers, scholars and professors, museum and archive specialists, businessmen, law specialists, representatives of education, culture and science; supporting the Open Access Initiative and principles of free access to information, claim as follows... Open access to scholar information - the basis of modern Information Society and Knowledge Society; science, culture, education development in global world... Open access to scholar information as the most important condition for integration to the world scholar community especially current for the scholars- representatives of developing and independent countries... We are concerned by the fact of the limited access to scholar information via libraries due to high prices on scholar literature especially on scholar journals, and by the lack of opportunity to subscribe and buy necessary materials for the users.   We are concerned by the fact of limited dissemination of the research results via traditional scholar communication model especially in new independent countries.  We are sure that the Open Access model (via creation and usage of open scholar journals and thematic repositories) – is not only successful way of scholar communication but the most important condition of scholar, social, and economical importance of researches improvement; collaborative researches development; integration to the world academic society.   We support famous initiatives and international Open Access projects: Budapest and Berlin Declarations; claims of IFLA, SPARC, LIBER, EiFL, COAR, OASPA; European Universities Association etc. We address the researchers from all over the world with the claim to post their research results (articles, reports, dissertations etc.) in open scholar journals and thematic or institutional repositories.  We address the universities and other research institutions with the claim to develop institutional policies and strategies of the open access... We address the publishers of academic journals to treat the copyright respectfully and not to prevent scholars from posting their postprints... We address the libraries with the claim to popularize open access among the users... We suggest to create , as a possible step, the Crimean Open Access repository on the basis of the State Public Research and Technical Library of Russia, National University of Kyiv–Mohyla Academy, and Crimean Ivan Franko Universal Research Library...” 


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