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[Forwarded from the SPARC OA Forum on behalf of Eric Hellman, Unglue.it] “Given the subject matter, I felt it was important to make my short eBook, ‘Open Access eBooks’, as open an ebook as I could possibly make it. So I've made it available though the Internet Archive with a CC BY license, in MOBI and EPUB formats. http://archive.org/details/OpenAccessEbooks ... I've also made it available with full ‘source’ in GitHub, the source control and management service we use for the software behind unglue.it. 
https://github.com/Gluejar/open_access_ebooks_ebook ... My blog post about finding ways to take advantage of ‘Free’ books is here: http://go-to-hellman.blogspot.com/2012/06/open-access-ebooks-ebook-is... It's my hope that by the time you read this, the first successful ‘ungluing campaign’ will have concluded, so hurrah for sustainable 
open access!”




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