Open access at Elsevier – 2013 in retrospect and a look at 2014 | Elsevier Connect 2014-01-24


"At Elsevier, we have been reflecting upon how the open access landscape progressed during 2013 and what 2014 might hold. Key themes during 2013 were multi-stakeholder collaboration and scaling up gold open access publishing. These trends look set to continue for 2014, along with a greater focus on the many issues and opportunities that green open access offers. 2013 was an important year for open access to scientific literature, at Elsevier and well beyond. In areas where there has been real progress in open access, we see strong collaboration among authors, institutions, funders, libraries,and publishers. Of course, that same spirit of collaboration is also required to work through some of the remaining complexities and issues in 2014 ... In the UK, we have been helping to support the implementation of the national open access policy, and the new open access policies of the Research Councils UK and Wellcome Trust. Elsevier's contributions have spanned gold open access, green open access,and licensed access. In partnership with JISC Collections, Elsevier has undertaken a number of initiatives focused on affordability for institutions. We launched a gold open access prepayment pilot plan to help participating universities budget during the transition to open access. Elsevier also facilitated the retrospective conversion to open access of 672 articles published in 2012 by authors in UK universities. These agreements were possible because of a focused attention to scale up our gold open access publishing initiatives, which are described more fully below ... In the US, we have spent a great deal of time engaging with the many stakeholders committed to expanding public access. The CHORUS initiative (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States) enables publishers to work with US government funding agencies to provide public access in a very cost-effective manner and in ways that do not increase administrative and compliance burdens for researchers and universities. CHORUS will help institutions identify and discover articles reporting on federally funded research building upon existing platforms. We explained more about CHORUS in our article 'Q&A: Susan King on CHORUS proposal for public access to research.' There appear to many synergies between CHORUS and SHARE (Shared Access Research Ecosystem), a similar initiative to leverage networked repositories to expand public access and that will be an important conversation to continue in 2014 ... Internationally, Elsevier was an active participant in the SCOAP3 open access initiative for the high- energy physics community, led by CERN. We adjusted library contracts worldwide to reimburse the subscription prices for the two participating Elsevier journals; Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics Letter B. In turn, libraries redirected these funds to SCOAP3, which centrally supports the open access costs of the flipped journals. This means article publishing charges are paid centrally and not by individual authors. Read more in our article 'CERN-driven open access initiative to take off, and Elsevier's on board.'

In addition, Elsevier's popular Publishing Connect workshops,  run in collaboration with universities around the world, help educate early-career researchers about open access publishing and the new choices they need to consider. We have also been engaged closely with funders and policy makers around the globe about successful, scalable open access policies. In April, for example, we collaborated with the African Academy of Sciences to discuss 'Open access in Africa – changes and challenges,' and during the year, we visited funders and other stakeholders on every continent except Antarctica ..."


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