Open Access Policy at Connecticut College 2014-02-08


"In keeping with the understanding that knowledge is a public good and should be transmitted as broadly as possible, the faculty of Connecticut College has adopted an Open Access Policy. This policy was modeled on those already in place at both large research institutions and peer Oberlin Group member colleges. The policy seeks to make scholarship produced by the faculty of the College freely available to all through our institutional repository, Digital Commons @ Connecticut College, unless prohibited by the licensing agreement between the author and publisher. The policy will benefit the faculty, by increasing the potential audience for their scholarship; the College, by enhancing its research reputation; and the broader community, by insuring that scholars without access to research libraries will still be able to carry out their work. The Open Access movement is enjoying considerable momentum in recent months with dozens of colleges and universities adopting new policies and the federal government instituting new rules, most notably the President's Open Access Directive,  to ensure free access to publicly funded research. We are excited to be a part of that momentum. To make participation in Connecticut College's Open Access policy simple, Information Services has developed a submission form. It can be found at If you have any questions about the Open Access policy, you may contact Ben Panciera or Carrie Kent ..."


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