L'« open science » défie la revue Science

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[From Google's English] "Several French libraries have announced in recent months have suspended their subscription to some yet compelling scientific journals. On January 13, the University Pierre et Marie Curie triggers the movement by announcing its churn the journal Science . Shortly after, Paris-V separates the journal Nature . At Paris-VII, the New England Journal of Medicine which is discarded. The epidemic is spreading from across the Hexagon, Belgium, and the United States. At issue: the continued rise in rates for publishers. "5% to 15% per year or more" , says Valérie Neouze, Director of documentation service of the University Paris-V. When university budgets are declining, many of them simply can not keep up. 'For years we cried wolf. Now we are close to a breaking point,'  says Christophe Pérales, president of the Association of Directors and management staff of university libraries and documentation. Open Science  'editors of the journal Science argue that the publications become visible after one year. But in the global race for publications raging between universities, this period is too long,' says Clara Moreau, who is preparing his thesis Commission for Atomic Energy ( CEA ) and a member of the network Hack Your Phd (Hacke your thesis ). Doctoral researcher at the young, it brings together more than 1000 members who advocate the "  free access to science and knowledge as a common good , ' open science'"for short. Alexandre Monin , Ph.D., has published his thesis in html format on its PhiloWeb site so that everyone can access and add annotations. Because in addition to circulate knowledge freely (open access), the goal of open science is to foster collaboration between researchers and disciplines. [Video] Célya Gruson-Daniel recounts the genesis Network Hack Your Phd"



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