Invitation: Seminar on Open Data and Cultural Archiving - Living Archives 2014-03-13


"Content and data related to cultural archiving is increasingly made available through open formats and licenses. This gives opportunities for growing and evolving engagement from the public. However, the open data landscape is complex, involving cultural, critical, political, and technical aspects, which need further exploration. The Living Archives project at Malmö University invites you to take part in an all day seminar to explore these topics. We begin with presentations by invited speakers and from our own archives in progress. The afternoon continues with breakout discussions on topics related to open data and cultural archiving. After the event, we will share the documentation and discussions ... This seminar is for you who have either an academic or a professional interest in open data and cultural archiving. For example, you might work at a library, an archive, a museum, within the municipality, or you use data or content of such institutions. The main part of the seminar will be held in English. Breakout sessions with only Swedish speaking participants will be held in Swedish, otherwise in English. This will be the first of three open data seminars over the course of this Vetenskapsrådet supported research project addressing aspects of The Digitized Society ..."


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