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"Commendations of Merit [1] Harvard Law Library Projects: Library Cloud and Stacklife ... Thanks to the Internet, research libraries now have the opportunity to participate far more directly as their communities put the library's resources to work. The LibraryCloud platform enables metadata access through open APIs so developers can create applications for their community, and so libraries can learn from how their communities makes use of their resources. Metadata can include catalog data but also the 'life story' of works as they are checked out, put on reserve, assigned to classes, called back early from loans, reviewed and rated, etc. LibraryCloud enables integrating libraries into other platforms and sites, including cross-library integration. Project submission. Stacklife is a visual library browser designed to enable researchers to explore  guided by 'community relevance.' It always displays items on a shelf with other items, and that context can instantly be switched. The items are color-coded according to their 'StackScore,' a metric of how often they have been used by the community. The display  expresses the item's physical length and (if it's a book) its page count. Stacklife is highly scalable, currently being used by the Harvard Library to give access to its complete collection of almost 13 million items. Project submission. National Institute of Informatics Project: JAIRO Cloud It is a common goal for both Japanese academic libraries and NII to promote Open Access to various scholarly materials. To achieve this goal, NII develops JAIRO Cloud, a SaaS type IR cloud service, and provides Japanese academic institutions with it. As of now, 184 libraries use JAIRO Cloud to increase the deployment of IRs in Japan.  The repository software implemented in JAIRO Cloud is named WEKO which is also developed by NII. NII continually works to enhance JAIRO Cloud and WEKO to meet various requests from the library community in Japan. Project submission."



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