Regional Consultation on OA Concept and Policies | EIFL 2012-08-18


“UNESCO will be organizing a Regional Consultation on ‘Open Access to Scientific Information and Research – Concept and Policies’ in Minsk, Belarus, from 5 to 7 September 2012. The Consultation is being organized in the framework of the 90th Anniversary Celebrations of the National Library of Belarus, and will focus on the Open Access Policy of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the Baltic States.  The Consultation, which will contribute to the implementation of the UNESCO Open Access strategy, will provide an opportunity to share how free and unrestricted access to research and scholarly communication can increase the impact of research, and benefit research institutions, authors, and journal publishers.  The main objectives of this Regional Consultation are to: strengthen awareness of the participants on the potentials of Open Access in scientific knowledge sharing; provide analysis for anticipating foreseeable trends and emerging challenges in order to enable stakeholders to develop strategies and policies for implementation of Open Access in the region; and develop a partnership and collaboration among interested stakeholders as an enabling mechanism to improve access to and sharing of scientific information and research through Open Access.  EIFL Open Access Programme Manager and EIFL Open Access country coordinators from the region will contribute to the event.”


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