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"Mads Dengsø Jessen of the National Museum of Denmark wrote me to say that he and his colleagues are re-launching the old Journal of Danish Archaeology (1982-2006) as Danish Journal of Archaeology at Taylor and Francis On-Line. Three papers will hopefully come on-line before Christmas, and further ones will see rolling electronic publication from then on, with an annual physical print volume appearing in ~May. Subscribers get access to the full back-catalogue of the old JDA, as well as new papers. You can also buy PDFs of single papers without subscribing, but this is jævle expensive. Whether Open Access alternatives will be available appears uncertain at the moment: T&F say yes, Mads says no. Either way, Mads invites interested scholars to submit manuscripts. Turning to the people behind the re-launch, we find Eva Andersson Strand (Mediterranean ancient textiles), Mads Dengsø Jessen (Viking Period Denmark) and Felix Riede (Late Palaeolithic northern Europe) editing the journal. And on the editorial board we find a long list of very good people in Scandy archaeology, explicitly separated into the university, museum and heritage sectors. DJA will hopefully become a serious contender with Fornvännen for good papers once its citation index has had time to rise. But good old Fornvännen is hard to beat — 107 volumes and counting, plus Open Access without an author’s fee, thanks to a comfortably funded 18th century royal academy."



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