Open Access in Sweden - going from why to how | Kronman | ScieCom Info 2012-12-21


Use the link to access the full text article from the open access journal sciecominfo.  The article opens as follows: "The year 2012 has been a year of remarkable advancement for the open access (OA) movement worldwide. The research ministers of Great Britain and Denmark have declared that all research funded by the government is to be published open access and 
the research councils of respective country have coordinated their policies for OA mandates.  The 
European Commission has declared that open access publishing is set to be the norm for results from research financed by the upcoming research programme Horizon 2020 as from 2014 and urges the EU member states to adopt national policies for open access.The big SCOAP3
project of CERN that aims at converting the 7500 yearly publications of 10'000 high-energy physicists to full open access is finally about to launch, after six years of preparations. The 
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is now listing over 8 300 OA journals and large scholarly publishers as Springer and Elsevier are starting up OA journals each and every day. Research funder Wellcome Trust is starting the OA journal eLife and the OA mega-journal PLoS ONE is well-renowned and publishing over 70 articles a day. The journal PeerJ with its innovative author subscription model has also been started up this remarkable year of 2012.  In Sweden, the governmental research bill for the next three years contains a commission to the Swedish Research Council to coordinate the conditions for free access to research results and data among the Swedish research funders in cooperation with the Swedish Association for Higher Education (SUHF) and the National Library of Sweden.  The Swedish programme for promotion and coordination of open access in Sweden - - is finally seeing a promise of 
having one of its main goals - a national policy on open access - soon to be fulfilled."


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