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[From the Wikimedia Outreach newsletter “This Month in GLAM”] [1] “PLoS Computational Biology publishes first article destined for Wikipedia... This month saw the publication of the first Topic Page (see January) in PLoS Computational Biology - an article in the journal that had been written specifically for theCircular permutation in proteins entry on the English Wikipedia (see blog post). The article had been drafted in a MediaWiki instance licensed under CC BY.” [2] “QRpedia use in scholarly publishing... The press release about a new species of plant described in an article in the open-access journal PhytoKeys contained a QRpedia code pointing to Brunfelsia plowmaniana - the new species that had been diagnosed by way of DNA barcoding. Traffic stats: article,QRpedia. A session proposal on scientific GLAM:Wiki collaboration has been submitted for Wikimania.” [3] “Open Access Media Importer Development on the Open Access Media Importer continued, and the contracts have been signed. Two blog posts detail the progress: the module for crawling PubMed Central's Open Access Subset is now functional and can identify supplementary materials from this set - or articles matching specific search terms - that are licensed compatibly with Wikimedia Commons. The process works much like apt-get ... A session proposal on the Open Access Media Importer has been submitted for Wikimania.”



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