[From Google's English] " ... When used among members of the educational community, it is widely accepted that "open" means: 1) 'free and open access' and 2) refers to' free use permits relating to copyright ( copyright ) ' ; as those articulated under license Creative Commons (or 'Licenses Allocation [Real] Creative Commons'). For example, the Department of Education United States offers a definition of 'open educational resources' ( Open Educational Resources ) in its National Education Technology Plan (p. 56): 'The Training Resources Open-OER for its acronym in English are the resources for teaching, learning and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their dissemination, access and reuse-even-commercial purposes; and collaboration between various educational agents. These resources are an important element of an infrastructure for learning.' Although there are dozens of definitions of 'Open Training Resources', that emphasize and underline different shades, all agree on the common features: 1) free and open access and 2) permits free use in relation to the rights Copyright ( copyright ); as those articulated under license Creative Commons . (If you are interested in this particular subject, you can check out the article by Wiley, Bliss and McEwen in which these definitions more fully examined . way, when 'open' is combined with other words to create technical expressions in the educational context, as "repositories" ( Open access ) or 'open information (ie 'free')' ( Open data 'open'), the word retains this basic and dual meaning (1 and 2) just outlined. Thus, just as the 'open' expression ( Open ) has gained popularity among the community of speakers; appears inevitable that users start misusing the term or who willfully (for the sake of commercial interests) misunderstand. I have found examples of the expression 'open washing' (or 'open washing' - Openwashing , originally in English) in the past, but Audrey Watters defines the own extension of a tweet : 'Washing Air ( Openwashing ): n, have an appearance of open source license late. marketing , when in fact, private business practices are followed. ' So, with a mixture of sadness and frustration, I saw what Brian Lamb called 'Great innovation Openwashing' . Ergo, what was it that brought Audrey to say that Open Education had lost consciousness in the present moment? 'The Alliance of Education Open' ( The Open Education Alliance ) is a new industry and business ensures teachers 'bridge the gap' between the need of skills required by the set of entrepreneurs and knowledge of traditional universities profess ex cathedra . With a name like that, it must be good, right ..."


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