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Use the link to access the full text article from sciecominfo.  The introduction reads as follows: "Monitoring a phenomenon has two remarkable effects:  1. It enables us to understand its properties and interact with the object in an informed way. When it comes to open access this means that we can understand the direction of a development; is it growing, diminishing or simply stagnant. Knowing this is a key component if you want to make strategic decisions for open access; where are we? where are we going? and which measures are working and which are not. The second effect (an interesting fact about social 
phenomenon such as publishing), is that when something is being monitored it tends to stimulate that which is being monitored1.  We (the project group behind the Danish Open Access Barometer) believe that open access is important and that if we want to further the progress of open access, monitoring and taking informed decisions and stimulate the progress is one of the key components ..."



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